Newcastle kebab shop introduces plant-based doner to its menu

German Doner Kebab (GDK) has created a meat-free alternative with its new plant-based doner kebab
-Credit: (Image: German Doner Kebab (GDK))

A plant-based doner kebab is the latest addition to the menu at a city centre restaurant which has been looking to expand its vegetarian options.

Using a pulled chicken-style doner, German Doner Kebab (GDK) has created a meat-free alternative infused with the restaurant's signature spice blend. And now it is available as an alternative choice of protein across all mains, including the OG Kebab - creating an increase of eight vegetarian options and bringing the total number of vegetarian dishes to 10.

The renamed 'OV Kebab' features the doner-meat alternative, served on toasted waffle bread and garnished with fresh lettuce, red cabbage, sliced onions, tomatoes, and GDK's three signature sauces - yoghurt, garlic and spicy. It can also be easily customised to suit every diner.

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It is currently available at the Newcastle city centre branch, located on Newgate Street, which is open from 11am every day.

GDK, which now has 140 UK restaurants, opened in Newcastle in November 2021 and sold more than 3,000 kebabs in its first week in the city.

Since opening, it has welcomed a number of unique items to the menu, including a breakfast doner range and the UK's first pink kebab.

Dr Thorsk Westphal, GDK Global CMO, said: "This development was an exciting challenge. We are and always have been dedicated to redefining the kebab experience, prioritising quality and fresh ingredients to deliver a premium experience.

"This collaboration expands the availability of vegetarian options by offering a plant-based version of all of our fan favourites. Whether customers want to reduce their meat intake for the month, have recently switched to a plant-based diet or are just intrigued to try new things – we want them to know they can still have an elevated meal that will set taste buds alight. Don't just take our word for it!"