Newcastle legend Alan Shearer hits back after Manchester United messages as air turned blue

Alan Shearer has insisted that he was right to 'come back' at Erik ten Hag following the Newcastle United legend's exchange with the Manchester United boss.

Ten Hag felt that the criticism that his side received this season was 'not right' and the Dutchman made that clear in an interview with Gary Lineker and Shearer following Manchester United's FA Cup final win against Manchester City on Saturday. Shearer, interjecting, rightly pointed out that if Manchester United played like they did in the 2-1 win at Wembley, the Red Devils 'wouldn't have finished in eighth' in the league as the pundit defended the fact 'we do criticise sometimes'.

Ten Hag said that Shearer was 'right' - admitting that 'we have seen the same things' - but the Dutchman stressed that 'we didn't have the players' after a series of injury issues.

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"Look, he's entitled to have a pop back because he's been criticised at times and I think rightly so because his team have been miles off it," Shearer told the Rest is Football after receiving a flurry of messages from angry Manchester United fans. "For most of this season, they've been really poor.

"They've had a disastrous season in terms of the league and I don't think any Man United fan would argue with that. To finish eighth, to finish with the number of goals they've conceded, shots against is embarrassing so for all of those things, at times, we've had to criticise them this season. If we didn't, we wouldn't be doing our jobs, but he's entitled to have the hump with people who he feels have been unfair. I get that.

"He's been in that position, but I just felt I was well within my rights to say 'OK, I understand you, but we have to do our job, as well as you have to do your job and if we didn't criticise you for all those points I've just made then we would look foolish'. That is why I felt it was right that I could come back at him and say, 'Well, hang on a minute, you have been really poor this season'.

"I know you have had injuries, but everyone else has. Chelsea have, Newcastle have and Liverpool have. Some of his signings have been really poor and I think it's right that we've criticised him at times this season.

"I did also make the point by the way that I thought his team were unbelievable in the FA Cup final. They were by far the best team, they won every tackle, they had the right attitude.

"He played a blinder in terms of his tactics and I made a point of saying all of those things, but yeah, the Man United fans? It's fine. It is what it is. You have to put up with s--- sometimes."