Newcastle man claimed he sent explicit picture of himself to woman by accident

Newcastle Crown and Magistrates Court
-Credit: (Image: Newcastle Chronicle)

A Newcastle man who claimed he sent an explicit photograph of himself to a woman "inadvertently" has been fined.

Peter Kaye sent a picture of his penis to a woman - but claimed it was sent in error, as he actually meant to send the photo to his girlfriend. A court heard the 30-year-old had previously been sending messages to the woman "seeking to have an intimate relationship", which she did not want.

This week, Kaye, of Scrogg Road, Walkergate, appeared at Newcastle Magistrates' Court facing a charge related to sending a message that was of an obscene character. He pleaded guilty to the offence, which was committed in December last year.

The court heard the woman had met Kaye weeks before the offence and struck up a friendship. Brian Payne, prosecuting, said: "At that stage, [Kaye] had a girlfriend. There were a number of messages he sent her, which are not part of this charge, seeking to have an intimate relationship with her. She didn't want any of that."

The court was told that the woman blocked Kaye, but eventually unblocked him after speaking to him in person. Mr Payne added: "The defendant then sent her a picture of his penis. That is the matter complained of."

The woman was said to be "gobsmacked" at receiving the picture and felt "alarmed and harassed". The court heard that Kaye had previous convictions, including for battery in 2021.

Peter Doherty, defending, said Kaye has a "long history of poor mental health" and had been sectioned a number of times. He said: "He still has a girlfriend. He was sending messages to this lady, who didn't want him prosecuted at all. She just wanted him to desist sending messages.

"He believed he had sent the picture to his girlfriend - it went to the victim inadvertently." Mr Doherty added that Kaye - who appeared at court with a support worker - was "now getting the help he needs" and that the incident was a "one off".

Magistrates fined Kaye £120 and ordered him to pay £100 compensation. He must also pay a £48 surcharge and a one year restraining order was also imposed.