Newcastle United tipped to fight against 'closed shop' by backing Aston Villa idea

Newcastle United will likely back Aston Villa's proposal for new Premier League profit and sustainability changes (PSR) from next season, according to football finance expert Kieran Maguire.

Premier League clubs will vote this summer to potentially increase how much top flights sides can lose over a three-year period before falling foul to the rules. Currently the figure sits at £105m but Unai Emery's side want to raise the magic number to £135m. Meanwhile, Crystal Palace have suggested the limit should be raised further for their league rivals playing in Europe.

The current PSR regulations will significantly hamper Newcastle going forward, despite their ever-increasing revenue, with no lucrative European football on offer next season. Maguire believes despite the lack of football on the continent on the short-term, the Magpies will vote in favour of the proposed changes to protect their future interests.

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“There has been a transformation in terms of the investment and spending at Newcastle since their PiF takeover,” Maguire told Football Insider. “I do think they’re one of the clubs that see the PSR limit as a target because they do have a significant financial disadvantage compared to clubs who have consistently qualified for the Champions League.

“That is now a closed shop and Newcastle cannot compete with that. Newcastle did fantastically well to qualify for the Champions League last season, of course, and they will have the benefits of that.

“So I think they will welcome the PSR rules similar to Aston Villa, but they would still have to comply with Uefa rules which will be the bigger challenge.“