Newly elected Plymouth MP pledges to earn trust and deliver change

-Credit: (Image: Nick Rutter)
-Credit: (Image: Nick Rutter)

Last Thursday, You, the voters of Plymouth, decided to turn the page on 14 years of chaos, division and disappointment and vote for the Hope of change with a new Labour Government, Plymouth's new Moor View MP, Fred Thomas, writes.

It has been a total joy to meet thousands of you over the last year on the doorstep, out and about, in schools and businesses. I look forward to meeting many, many more over the coming years.

I promise those who have not voted for me that I will work tirelessly in your interests to be a voice and a representative for the entire community in Westminster, and to earn your trust over the coming years.

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I’m hugely proud to live here in Plymouth, and to represent my neighbours and my community in Parliament will be truly humbling. I’m a true patriot, I love the United Kingdom and I love Plymouth. But I know that our city and our country need change.

As your newly elected MP for Plymouth Moor View. I pledge to deliver the honour you have given me with service, trust and competence. We have seen too many examples of MPs acting with self entitlement and my approach will always be to remember that I am a servant of the people and my role is to serve the best interests of my constituents.

I know that the trust that has existed between the people and their chosen representatives has been broken and I will work tirelessly to rebuild it. I will approach all the huge challenges of Plymouth with competence and transparency continually keeping you in touch with my priorities and decisions in Parliament and Plymouth.

My immediate priorities for Plymouth are to rebuild the trust between the medical profession and our Government. This includes delivering the rebuild of elements of Derriford to be fit for the 21st Century.

Of course this commitment also extends to GPs, dentists, nurses, mental health support, adult social care, youth workers and all carers. The future in Health care will be different from the past with virtual wards and the increasing use of technology. However at the heart of the NHS are the people , they need to feel and be valued- I promise to fight for this.

I will always be a strong voice for our defence jobs and fight for more work to be secured for our dockyard workers. I will do everything in my power to make sure that Plymouth benefits from Labour’s Green Prosperity Plan that will create thousands of jobs in the South West in new renewable technologies.

Plymouth and it’s surrounding areas should play it’s part harvesting the natural bounty of our local environment. I will fight for economic security, cheaper bills, safer streets, securing our borders and delivering better opportunities for our children. I will have a relentless focus on the skills pathways in the city to ensure that our young people, and our not-so-young people, are the ones who benefit from these new jobs.

Housing is another area that needs turbo boosting and I will work to ensure that as many houses as possible are built to ensure the citizens of Plymouth have the basic dignity of a roof over their heads. In all these areas I will work alongside the South West Labour team in Parliament and Plymouth City Council on a constituency level.

We are realistic about the scale of the challenges we face and the practical, common-sense steps we will take to fix them. There is no magic wand, but the Labour Party has a laser-focus on what it will take to get Britain’s future back. Never again will we go back to the chaotic politics and sticking plaster solutions of the last government. Politicians and politics should serve the public.

I will end by once again thanking you for the trust you have put in me and promise that I will try my hardest every day to deliver the opportunities, environment and future that will once again make Britain Great. Thank you.