News anchor chopped down a tree in a pink dress and sandals before work

Photo: Facebook/KellyFreyWTAE

Next time you can’t seem to get out of bed and get yourself to work, think about Kelly Frey.

A local news anchor for WTAE in Pittsburgh, Penn., Frey was out of bed and on her way to work at 3 AM for her morning broadcast — until a fallen tree quite literally blocked her path. “What do you do when a tree is blocking your only way into work at approximately 3 AM?” she wrote on Facebook. “Well, I got a saw.”

Frey, in her own words, “chopped that bad boy down.” Instead of calling for help or just giving up and calling in sick, she went home, grabbed a saw, and cut her way through. Nothing like an angry woman at 3 am in jewels, flip flops and a dress who wants to get into work,” she writes. Do not get between this woman and her responsibilities. 

After she cleared the tree and managed to continue on her way to work, Frey realized she had to stop for gas — and ended up having to take yet another detour. But the story has a happy ending: Not only did she make it into the office, the saw made it on TV.

She shared the whole story on Facebook, where hundreds of commenters have already weighed in on Frey’s nightmare morning. “Only you Kelly…… I can give you my address I need a few bushes cut down maybe you can swing by after work today…….,” laughed one fan. “You’ve definitely earned ‘Employee of the Year’ award,” wrote another. “I must confess, at this point in my life, if a tree in the road was keeping me from work, I can pretty much guarantee I would interpret it as ‘a sign’ that I wasn’t supposed to go, and would head back home without hesitation.”

Even the local fire department weighed in to remind Kelly that she could have called them to cut the tree down. “Kelly, you could have called the firehouse, we would have been glad to be there to cut that up and get you on your way! We’re on duty 24/7!” wrote Doug Goodman. But, as Frey explained, she didn’t have time to rely on anyone else and more importantly, she didn’t need to. Go forth and tackle your day with energy, courtesy of your local hardworking news anchors — we just hope you don’t need a saw to do it.

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