This US News Network Let Katie Hopkins Tell Americans What The UK Is Like

Katie Hopkins (Photo: Joshua Blanchard via Getty Images)

A news programme has come under fire for amplifying Islamophobia and promoting anti-Muslim feelings after featuring a controversial story.

The news segment aired by an Odessa, Texas news programme KOSA-TV, a CBS affiliate owned by Gray Television, ran a story about an event where Katie Hopkins of England and Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff of Sweden, spoke before the Midland County Women’s Republican Club.

The report told how Hopkins and Sabaditsch-Wolff addressed how they believed Muslim immigration has affected their countries and outlined their belief about how it could impact American citizens as well.

The clip featured a one-on-one interview with Hopkins speaking about Muslim immigrants’ growing presence in London.

She said London was “completely overrun by migrants that didn’t come from that place.” and cited examples of people speaking on the topic of Muslim immigration and the repercussions they suffered for doing so.

Hopkins claimed a man was arrested and accused of Islamophobia for “preaching” the Christian Bible in the streets and she suggested opposers to the growing Muslim population in England face “repression of freedom for even thinking” such thoughts about the shift.

The KOSA reporter said about the event on the programme: “Many in the audience were surprised with their personal accounts of how Muslim immigration is impacting them and changing the landscape of their country.

“Hopkins said she was the target of a Jihadist plot to behead her after speaking out about how the country’s accommodation has citizens coming under fire for the things they speak in public and online and believe, in general.”

The news story has sparked outrage among Twitter users who have accused the programme of presenting such uncritical coverage.



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