Angelina Jolie Has White Powder On Her Face As Arrives At The Normal Heart Premiere With Brad Pitt

Angelina Jolie headed down to the Normal Heart premiere last night in New York and suffered a pretty embarrassing wardrobe malfunction, she had white powder spread all over her face.

How could Ang NOT have seen the white powder over her jawline and forehead or why didn't someone tell her, before letting the 38 year-old step out in front of the cameras. Was Brad having a joke with her?

What's happened to Ang's face? (SplashNews)

The Maleficent star is usually pretty flawless when it comes to her red carpet appearances so we have NO idea what went wrong here. The powder was all over her face and on her chest as she emerged from her car.

Perfect as she arrives on the red carpet (SplashNews)

Luckily by the time she made it to the red carpet all was well. Pitt was one of the producers on The Normal Heart, directed by Ryan Murphy. The movie centers on AIDs awareness and activists who attempt to raise the profile of the disease.


Still a bit on Ang's face as she cuddles up to Brad (SplashNews)

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