‘The Big Bang Theory’: Raj can finally talk to women when sober!

Gregory Wakeman
‘The Big Bang Theory’: Raj can finally talk to women when sober!
Penny and Raj hug in 'The Big Bang Theory'

Another season of 'The Big Bang Theory' comes to an end, and the show couldn't be in a healthier position.

The nerdy comedy is officially the most popular sitcom in America, regularly drawing in viewing figures of around 20 million people, whilst its comedic ensemble is now uber confident, and as a result funnier, plus the show's writers have improved to such an extent that it recently scooped the Critics' Choice Award for best comedy series.

Yes, everything is going well for it at the moment, but it's never really excelled with the final episodes of its seasons. Except for season 4 when Raj and Penny almost slept together, that was a doozy.

Unfortunately, The Bon Voyage Reaction once again doesn't have a feeling of finality to it, but several major events occur that help to progress the characters and the show's narratives, plus it was still downright funny too, meaning that all in all it was a successful conclusion to the series' sixth outing.

Leonard has been hired to join Steven Hawking's expedition to the North Sea for four months, and even though he's excited about the scientific aspect of the trip, he's worried about how it will affect his relationship with Penny, whilst Sheldon also struggles to cope with his jealousy and the loss of his best friend.

Meanwhile, Lucy splits up with Raj because she can't handle the thought of meeting his friends, and after Penny visits him in his apartment, Raj breaks down, knowing full well that he was the one who drove her away, not his friends.

However, there is a silver lining to this tale as Raj realises that he is now able to talk to girls whilst sober, eradicating the mental block that had scuppered any previous chances he'd had with the ladies, however Penny, Bernadette, and Amy soon realise that he now won't shut up. Plus, I'd be very surprised if that was the last we saw of Lucy. She has grown to be a quirky yet amusing minor character, and her dynamic with Raj definitely still has some mileage.

The Bon Voyage Reaction was a splendid way to round-off an enjoyable season and, for the third time in six seasons, it featured one character heading off a scientific expedition that threatens to disrupt the status quo, whilst it also alluded to the show's possible future.

Raj is now able to talk the ear off any woman he desires; Penny and Leonard are apart for several months, and Sheldon, well, Sheldon is still Sheldon but he's growing ever closer to finally being intimate with Amy.

There will be plenty of time to explore these various dynamics in the future, because 'The Big Bang Theory' isn't going anywhere.

Funny Moments

  • - Raj is right, he's just like a caramel Sinatra.
  • - Lucy, "Well, that 2. 3 if you count me, now it's getting out of control."
  • - Penny is concerned about Steven Hawking, "On a ship? Aren't they afraid that Hawking will roll overboard?"
  • - Howard really doesn't wear "flashy clothes" or have a "Woody Allen swagger."
  • - Sheldon, "I'm not jealous. I'm just very unhappy that good things are happening for him and not happening for me."
  • - Sheldon, "I see a space in the white zone. Quickly circle the airport."
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