Big Brother 2012: Arron Argues Again

Big Brother 2012: Arron Argues Again

Arron was the centre of yet another row in tonight’s episode of Big Brother. With nominations underway, tensions were running high in the house, creating the perfect atmosphere for an almighty argument.

The previous night Arron had been having a conversation with Benedict about religion. After the conversation Arron went into the bedroom and said Benedict was being boring. Deana overheard this and went and relayed the comments back to Benedict. Benedict was confused, especially as Arron had shook his hand at the end of the religion conversation and told him he was “intelligent.”

The next morning, Benedict decided to confront Arron about his comments, asking why Arron branded him boring. Arron got very defensive and said that he didn’t say Benedict was boring but that the conversation was. He went on to say that anyone who was saying things like that to Benedict was “two-faced.”

Arron then turned to Lydia and Deana and said “hoped you enjoyed that” and accused them of spectating. Lydia turned around and said she was just trying to eat her breakfast and that she has been the one telling the other housemates to “give Arron a chance” but now she has “totally changed” her opinion of the mancunian model.

Arron retorted saying that the “house needs more laughter” and told Lydia to stop making herself out to be a victim. Lydia then raised her voice and told Arron she has been “round the world and seen more” than him, before calling him a “little boy.”

Arron laughed and walked off but was later seen talking to Benedict about the incident, saying he thought it was Deana or Lydia who had been saying things to Benedict about him and that was why he started the argument. Benedict said he wished Arron hadn’t said anything at all.

Lydia said it would take more than Arron to rattle her cage but was later seen in the bathroom, crying. Maybe Arron’s comments got to her more than she was letting on.

Is Arron just plain cheeky or being nasty? And is Lydia getting too sneaky for her own good?

Here is the Big Brother story so far..

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