Big Brother 2012: Big Brother Housemates In Warden Task To Get Luxury Shopping Budget

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The Big Brother House had a new set of rules in tonight’s episode as housemates were made to follow a number of new rules as part of the two day shopping task, which upset a few of them, including Caroline, Conor and Lauren.

The housemates were made to follow a number of new rules, which included wearing armbands and rubber rings when in the swimming pool and roly-polying in order to get to the diary room. But the new rules didn’t stop mischievous Conor and Caroline from breaking them. Caroline and Conor then had to paint coals white as part of their punishment for playing with a ball on the grass and jumping on a trampoline.

Luke A, Luke S and Adam were made wardens and had to watch over housemates to ensure they didn’t break the rules, but if housemates misbehaved they were given punishment ‘Rule Breaker’ stickers and have to spend time in the punishment corner by painting coals white.

Poor Caroline had two more rules to follow as she had to retrieve batteries as part of a diary room task. But it didn’t go down too well as she screamed loud enough to be heard through the diary room walls.

Luke A tried to reassure her by saying “It’s fine, it fine. The quicker you do it the quicker you get out of here.” But that didn’t stop her crying and screaming as she continued putting her hands in the boxes.

Lauren was also angered with the task as she got upset when Luke A gave her “a sticker for nothing”.

The wardens were later given an extra incentive if they issued more tickets to the housemates which delighted Luke S and Luke A. Ashleigh was soon given a Rule Breaker sticker after eating with her hands and Conor was given a sticker for eating Ashleigh’s food.

Meanwhile, Shievonne was told to not ‘speak with her hands’ and flirting between Lauren and Adam continued to blossom. Adam said: “I would give you anything of mine…besides bacon!” – That’s generous Adam.

Shievonne and Conor are up for nomination this week. Who do you think will go?

Do you think the housemates will win the luxury shopping budget?

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