Big Brother 2012: Caroline Is Given A Royal Appointment By BB

Big Brother 2012: Caroline Is Given A Royal Appointment By BB

Surrey girl Caroline Wharram immediately took the role of poshest housemate as she entered the Big Brother house 11 days ago and tonight finally saw Big Brother use her accent as the centrepiece of a task.

She was given instructions to convince two housemates that she was in fact “the right honourable Caroline Rose Wareham, daughter of the Duke of Carnarvon”.

It was a role that she adopted with ease as she appeared to break down to both Sara and Lauren, convincing them that her time in the Big Brother house meant that she would miss an annual garden party held at Buckingham Palace. Her success in the task meant that herself, Sara and Lauren were seen to tuck into a quintessentially British feast of cream tea.

Coincidentally, Luke S was also seen to enjoy a feast, although of a different kind entirely as he locked lips with Ashleigh, whilst Shievonne looked on in bewilderment. Although the romance between Luke and Ashleigh seemed typical of Big Brother, Ashleigh was later seen to quiz Benedict whether he was bisexual and whether he had any feelings for Scott, potentially a romantic first for the show!

The eviction battle between Arron and Chris also loomed large and when it was revealed that the squeaky Luton Lad had been evicted, Lydia confided in the diary room that she had supported Chris, saying "he didn’t really do anything wrong, he had a good heart, he was a big character".

It was a statement that seemed to ooze empathy from Lydia, a change from the diminutive personality that was displayed in the initial week of the competition. But, it soon re-emerged as she confronted 27 year old Adam, accusing him of disrespect, although it just seemed like another opportunity for her to shamelessly drop the name of fiancée Andy Scott Lee into conversation.

She managed to escape nomination for eviction this week, but if she continues with her old tricks then she could well be given her marching orders next week!

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