Big Brother 2012: Cuddles And Crying Following Nomination Announcement

Big Brother 2012: Cuddles And Crying Following Nomination Announcement
Big Brother 2012: Cuddles And Crying Following Nomination Announcement

In tonight’s installment of Big Brother there were hugs, positive phrases, tears and arguments. Big Brother tried to lift the housemates spirits with a special task but it soon came crashing down, following an argument between Deana and Shievonne.

Big Brother called Scott and Lauren into the diary room and gave them a list of positive proverbs. He instructed them to say each positive phrase to at least one housemate and then end the challenge with a group hug.

The phrases included “After the storm comes the calm” and “many a mickle makes a muckle.” Scott and Lauren flew through the phrases, getting each one into conversation, throughout the house. They then gathered everyone together in the living room for a group hug.

Ashleigh joined in on the task, without knowing she was joining in, by getting all the housemates to do some deep breathing for positive energy. As a reward for completing the task, the housemates will be given an Indian takeaway.

However, just as the positive energy was flowing, Big Brother pulled the housemates back into the living room to make an announcement. He told them that Conor had broken the rules (again) by talking about nominations and trying to decide who nominated who. During the ‘illegal’ conversation, he said he thought Deana had nominated him.

Following the announcement, Deana said she didn’t know why he kept talking about her or what his problem was. Sheivonne didn’t take too kindly to Deana talking about her friend and told Deana that what Conor said, “was true.”

Deana asked Shievonne what her problem was, as she hadn’t spoken to Deana in days. Shievonne said she wasn’t impressed that Deana treated her like a “tramp,” when Shievonne was upset and Deana told her to “stop being silly.”

The argument carried on throughout the evening and continued later in the bedroom. Shievonne told Deana she was a “flip-flopper,” as she flitted between friendships. This statement left Deana in tears, with Sara and Lauren comforting her.

Shievonne continued her rant in the diary room, however then claimed it was all over. Something tells us the tension will still remain.

Do you think the housemates need to lighten up?

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