Big Brother 2012: Formal Warning For Bad Behaviour

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Tonight’s episode of Big Brother saw back-stabbing and behind the back talking, as always. However this time Scott and Ashleigh took it too far..

Ashleigh was talking to Scott and Conor about how much Deana was annoying her. She said she found her irritating, particularly today and also said she thinks Deana plays up to the cameras. Conor agreed (obviously).

Ashleigh then mentioned that earlier she had told Deana she had milk around her mouth. Asheligh recalled that Deana wiped her mouth with her hand, before eating her cereal and milk with her hands.

Scott nodded and, whilst laughing, said “Do you know what, they used to do that in my dad’s takeaway, my dad owned and Indian takeaway and they used to eat everything with their hands? I think it’s there culture.” Ashleigh giggled as well and said “I just wanted to get her the spoon.”

The conversation ended there but hadn’t gone unnoticed by Big Brother, who called Scott into the diary room later in the day and recited the conversation. Scott was told that Big Brother found his use of language could be seen as stereotyping and offensive and that Big Brother was issuing him with a formal warning. Should he do it again, Scott could face being removed from the house.

Scott said he understood before saying “oops sorry.” He then went on to say he got caught up in the talk about Deana and didn’t mean to be horrible, as he actually quite likes Deana.

Ashleigh was also called into the diary room and told off, but not quite to the extent Scott was. She was reminded what bullying was and that it wouldn’t be tolerated in the Big Brother house. Ashleigh agreed and understood what was said.

Do you think Big Brother took the right action in this case? Or was further punishment required? 

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