Big Brother 2012: Housemates Endure More Than 12 Hours On A Box

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Day 54 in the Big Brother house saw the housemates take part in an endurance task whereby housemates had to stay on a box for the longest amount of time – but little did they know that Adam chose the prizes that the winner would get if they lasted longest. The prizes included £1,000 cash, a 50’ TV, a coffee machine and a toilet brush.

Tonight’s Big Brother followed the day after Caroline’s eviction which started with Adam and Luke A putting the many tubs of chocolate spread and chocolate that Caroline ordered away in the food cupboards.

At the start of the endurance task, the housemates took to their boxes, but it wasn’t long before they started to moan. Ashleigh commented: “If we need to eat we have to get off.” Becky was first to fall off of her box but was later saddened to find out that she had lost the chance to win £1,000. Sara was next off, followed by Ashleigh and Scott.

Next off of the box was Conor who joked that he would step off just to see whether or not he would’ve won the 50’ TV. This left Adam, Luke S, Luke A and Deana – who wanted to do it for the girls – on their boxes.

During the task, the housemates were lucky enough to get a Chinese takeaway with alcohol and music blaring out to try to tempt the remaining housemates off of their boxes.

After more than 12 hours, Luke S stepped down. But to his relief he only had a coffee machine. Luke A and Dean stepped off of their boxes next to leave Adam with a 50’ LED TV. Adam said: “I appreciate it. Absolutely amazing.”

Ashleigh, Luke S and Conor were quick to discuss Friday night’s eviction. “I don’t really get it.” said Ashleigh with regards to the boos. She joked to Luke S by saying: “I think they booed me because of you.”

Ashleigh later went into the diary room to talk about the boos she received during Friday night’s eviction. She said: “I don’t understand why people would boo me. I think what I’ve learned is that I’m quite brutal with my words. I don’t mean it but sometimes I think I’m a horrible person.

“I’ve done something for the public not to like me. I must’ve done something so bad to get those boos. I can’t be bothered anymore, it’s ridiculous. Why am I still here if I’m getting boos.”

She also added: “I think Luke’s too good for me. I really, really like Luke, but he does irritate me. I don’t mean to be horrible to him. It’s our banter and I don’t want to offend anybody. I don’t know. Maybe I’ve just been too common.”

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