Big Brother 2012: Lauren Rejects Adam


Adam and Lauren have been getting cosy in the Big Brother house for awhile now but with Luke and Ashleigh already taking the couple crown for this year, is there room for another romance?

Lauren thinks not as she rejected Adam’s advances in this evening’s episode.

Earlier in the episode Adam was talking to Luke A about Lauren. He said, “she knows I like her” but “I don’t want to look like an idiot on TV.” Adam, however, said he felt encouraged by the fact that Lauren had become more touchy feely recently.

In tonight’s episode they were seen spooning on the bed, before the speed-dating task.

Luke A told Adam he sometimes felt uncomfortable and like he was in the way of the two of them. He told Adam if he ever wanted some alone time with Lauren then Adam should just give him the nod.

Later in the evening Luke A hinted at Adam’s feelings to Lauren. She replied saying she didn’t think Adam felt like that but Luke A made it clear she was wrong. Lauren branded the situation awkward before asking why “girls can’t just be friends with guys?”

However things were about to get even more awkward for Lauren.

Adam went to the diary room where Big Brother asked about Lauren. “She’s 20, we’re in this environment, she’s an amazing girl, her imperfections make her perfect, I’ve said it before,” Adam said. “She’s fun, she’s energetic, she speaks her mind, gorgeous, beautiful smile, there’s a lot of things, you drift towards somebody and I have that human connection with the opposite sex.” When asked if he and Lauren will be more than friends he said “Who knows, I have no idea.”

Adam then went outside and sat with Lauren. He turned to her and tried to tell her his true feelings but Lauren stopped him, saying “Oh my God, don’t even do what I think you’re gonna do,” and told him not to ruin their friendship. Adam quickly agreed though when asked by Lauren if he is being serious, he had no reply.

Lauren told him he couldn’t fancy her because she was one of the lads. She then branded the situation awkward again and the pair sat in silence. An end of a friendship?

What do you think of Lauren and Adam as a couple? And can girls and boys ever be just friends?  

Who is your favourite housemate this year?




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