Big Brother 2012: Scott And Ashleigh Warned Over 'Stereotypical' Comments Made About Deana

WENN / Channel 5

Controversy seems to be following this year's Big Brother housemates like a bad smell after Scott Mason and Ashleigh Hughes were reprimanded for making "stereotypical" comments about fellow housemate Deana Uppal.

It is believed that Ashleigh and Scott's telling off from Big Brother was a result of comments they made about Deana's eating habits. Commenting on how Deana ate her cereal with her hands instead of a spoon, Ashleigh could be heard saying:

"Do you know what, they used to do that in my dad's takeaway, my dad owned an Indian takeaway and they used to eat everything with their hands."

Agreeing with Ashleigh's comments, Scott added: "I think it's the culture."

Believing that the comments made by Scott were offensive, Big Brother told Scott in the diary room:

"Before you entered the Big Brother house you were reminded of the rules regarding unacceptable language and behaviour. You were told that Big Brother will intervene and take appropriate action if housemates behave in a way that Big Brother considers to be unacceptable.

"Earlier today at 4.46pm you had the following conversation with Ashleigh. Big Brother believes that your use of language in this conversation could be seen as stereotyping and therefore potentially offensive. Do you understand?"

After letting Scott apologise for the comments, Big Brother issued Scott with a formal warning, adding: "If you use this type of language again we may have to consider removing you from the Big Brother house. Do you understand Scott?"

Big Brother then warned Ashleigh over the same comments, telling her: "[Bullying] can include factions developing, tensions, arguments and ostracising of individuals. Examples of bullying could be excluding people ridiculing or humiliating people, name calling, sarcasm and rumour spreading."

Just as Scott had apologised after getting the warning, Ashleigh did the same by saying: "I am sorry, it's not very nice. I didn't mean to make people feel ostracised, but I understand my actions and I'm really sorry. I am really sorry."

What do you think of this year's housemates?

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