Big Brother 2012: Stubborn Scott Mellows


Tonight’s episode of Big Brother saw Conor reflect upon the reasons why he was up for Friday’s eviction in the first place. He’s long been the customary stubborn male of the house with his hunky persona, usually paired with a confident attitude that sometimes leans on the side of arrogance, but tonight saw an apology of sorts and a softening of character from the Ulsterman.

He seemed to finally accept the reasons for which he had faced nomination, a fresh breath of air from the arrogance that previously seemed to dominate his personality. Yet, we shouldn’t be too hasty in thinking that Conor has turned a new leaf, as he was later seen to speak with Luke S about how he dreamed of “being in the final three with my closest mates”, leading us to think that his change of character could be a purely tactical move.

A change of character was also seen in Lauren, with the usually bubbly blonde suffering a breakdown of sorts as she fought back tears to claim that she was being ganged up on in the house and had little support. Luke A was supportive as ever as he confided with Lauren in the toilets, repeatedly saying “f**k em”, an ever appropriate motto in a show where there can only be one winner.

Elsewhere, the house’s weekly shopping budget arrived and although it was a modest size in comparison with previous offerings, it was not the lack of food that worried the house, but instead the lack of tobacco that they could afford in their budget.

Such losses were later made up for as the housemates celebrated a small party in the wake of Shievonne’s eviction, gifted with ten cans of lager and two bottles of Wine from Big Brother. The theft of one bottle by Becky, amongst others gave Scott the opportunity to barge into the bedroom to remonstrate, although with little effect.

A small grievance perhaps, but one that’ll sure to be taken into account when nominations are announced, as housemates do their best to stay in the house as we edge ever closer to the final.

Big Brother

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