Big Brother 2012: The Toughest Task Ever

Channel 5/WENN
Channel 5/WENN

Tonight’s episode of Big Brother was titled Big Brother: The White Room. If the change in title didn’t give viewers a clue that Big Brother was preparing something big, the threat of the “toughest task ever” had us on the edge of our seats.

Over-night a white corridor appeared at the edge of the garden. Housemates tried to open it, look over the wall and listen through the door, to work out exactly what it was. Luke A even stood and stared at the mysterious appearance but could not figure out what was going on.

Big Brother eventually called housemates to the sofas in the living room and announced which four housemates received the fewest nominations – Sara, Conor, Luke S and Scott. He then announced that 3 of these 4 housemates were invited to take part in the White Room task and win a prize that “money can’t buy.”

Big Brother gave the four, one minute to decide who would not participate. Scott was quick to say he didn’t like tasks whilst Luke S and Conor were set on joining in. Sara said she didn’t mind but Scott was adamant he wasn’t getting involved and so Sara, Luke S and Conor entered the white room.

Dressed in white, the 3 housemates blended into their new surroundings, which is (as the name suggests) a white room with white beds, chairs, food, drink, telephone and clothing. They were told by Big Brother that the housemate who survived the longest in the white room would win a free pass to the Big Brother final, on the 13th August.

Sara was immediately nervous, announcing she was “really sweaty”. Conor says he won’t be leaving, as he owes it to the people who have saved him 4 times already.

The White Room team faced their first challenge not long after moving into their new home. It became a game of the White Room versus the rest of the housemates, as Big Brother set the housemates 3 challenges. The group that won the most would win luxury food.

The first task involved hitting upside-down cups with a hammer. Some of these cups had paint bombs in them and the more paint bombs that were hit, the more penalties the team incurred. The team with the fewest penalties would win the challenge. This task was Adam versus Sara and with 6 penalties versus Adam’s 9, Sara won, leaving the scores at White Room 1, House 0.

The next task tested how well Ashleigh and Conor knew their fellow housemates. Big Brother read out quotes from the housemate’s application forms and Ashleigh and Conor had to guess who said them. This provided several cringey moments, especially when it was revealed that Luke S had said, “girls want me and men want to be me.” Even Ashleigh winced!

Ashleigh won this task on a tie-breaker by correctly guessing Adam described himself like a “white tiger, because it is sexy and like a beast.” This brought the scores to one-all.

The final challenge saw Luke S and Deana be dressed in movement restricting morph suits and have to get from one side of a square to the other and fill a tube with milk. The first to cross the marked line on the tube would win and take the luxury food for their group.

Both took the challenge very seriously however Luke S’ competitive nature pulled him through and the White Room have been enjoying luxury white food, including fish, ice-cream and marshmallows, ever since. The rest of the housemates have to suffer on a basic shopping budget.

Ashleigh confessed she missed Luke S as she got into bed, admitting she “can’t laugh today,” as they normally do so together.

Who is going to win the White Room Task? And more importantly who will be evicted this week?

Who is your favourite housemate?

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