Big Brother 2012: Turf Wars

Big Brother 2012: Turf Wars
Big Brother 2012: Turf Wars

This weeks shopping task saw the Big Brother housemates compete in two teams to win sole access to certain rooms in the house. The blue team and the green team went head to head in a series of tasks to compete for access of rooms and a luxury shopping budget.

Before the tasks had even started, there was a catch. Housemates were asked to pair up with their best friend in the house, and once they had done so, Big Brother separated the pairs and put them on completely different teams.

The fist task was a tug-of-war, and saw a member from each team attempt to fight against their opponent and pick up items off a conveyer belt. Each item was worth a point for the team, and full access to the kitchen and control of the luxury shopping budget was also up for grabs. After finishing 49/23, the green team (Becky, Luke S, Arron, Adam, Deana and Scott) won the task and therefore received full access to the kitchen and luxury food.

The next room up for grabs was the living room. This task saw housemates put themselves in order of things such as ‘most annoying’, ‘most attractive’ and ‘bitchiest’ while another team member tried to guess the order they were in from the diary room. Each correct answer equated to a point for the team. Shievonne was in the diary room for the blue team, and managed to beat Luke S who was playing for the green team. The blue team (Shievonne, Luke A, Caroline, Sara, Ashleigh, Lauren, Conor) then won full access to the living area.

The task continues tomorrow and the bathroom and bedroom are still up for grabs!

Which team are you backing?

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