Big Brother: Deana And Conor Are At It Again

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This years Big Brother housemates are obviously very confused. First they were allowed to talk about nominations but now they are not and a select few seem to consistently forget the change in rules.

Tonight it was the turn of Conor and Deana. Big Brother called the housemates to the living room sofas to make the announcement regarding the rule breaking.

At 10.41pm the night before Conor was talking to Becky, Asheligh and Scott, saying he didn’t think they nominated him.

Deana was also caught out for talking about nominatinos with Luke A and Adam. Big Brother reported that she had said she believed Conor will make sure that everyone will nominate her.

Conor was less than impressed with this accusation, telling Deana she “heard wrong” and that he didn’t know what she was talking about. He also pointed out that if he had been influencing nominations Big Brother would have announced it, as a punishment, and he hadn’t.

Much bickering, shouting and swearing flew between the pair but Big Brother wasn’t going to let them walk away from each other. As punishment the two were instructed to wash all the laundry by hand, together in the garden.

Shots of the pair in the garden certainly showed no “together-ness,” as they got on with their washing in silence.

Deana broke the silence by attempting to talk to Conor about the situation however Conor was having none of it and told her he didn’t want to talk to her. Deana ended the conversation by branding him a “nasty man,” something she has called him before.

This wasn’t the only time Conor felt riled by a female housemate. Later in the episode Conor was informed by Becky that “wooden spoon” (a code name used for Lauren) had told Big Brother Conor was discussing nominations, using the code “D and B” for Deana and Becky.

It was this rule break that cost Conor’s team the diary room, during last weeks Turf Wars task. Conor looked shocked and mildly angry however didn’t say anything to Lauren.

Will the housemates ever learn their lesson? Or should they be allowed to discuss nominations?


Who is your favourite housemate this year?


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