Big Brother: Luke S Gets Represented

Wenn/Channel 5
Wenn/Channel 5

Many Big Brother housemates go into the Big Brother house with the idea of becoming a star when they leave. Obviously to become a star they would need an agent, which is exactly what Luke S got, in tonight’s episode.

Or so he thought.

Tonight’s installment from the Big Brother house saw Luke S be called to the diary room and, told Big Brother was "facilitating a meeting" between a representative company and Luke S – should Luke S agree.

Of course the Stoke-On-Trent club promoter jumped at the chance and even admitted to the fake agent he was in the house for “the money.” The agent then recommended he pose for some calendar shots (including devil and tennis player poses), which Luke S quickly agreed to. The “agent” then told Luke S to complete some challenges to get some good footage for a show reel.

Whilst Luke S was being told this in the small task room, the housemates were being told the same information in the living room. Housemates were told to go along with Luke S’ challenges and if he completed them all, they would get a reward for winning the task.

Luke S was told to create drama with Ashleigh, lead a workout to show off his muscles and play pranks with Conor. Luke S easily played the pranks by going old school with cling-film on the toilet and throwing cold water over Becky in the shower.

He also led a work out between Lauren, Scott and Deana. They did press ups, squats, jumps and lunges, with Luke S topless to make sure his muscles were well displayed.

Finally Luke S tried to start an argument with Asheligh about the mess she made in the bedroom however Ashleigh didn’t take the bait. She did a bit of sulking but they were also very touchy feely, leaving Ashleigh worried she hadn't created enough drama.

After an hour Luke S was called back to see the “agent” to discuss how he had done. The “agent” said the footage was good and went on to ask Luke S about his status with Ashleigh. He asked whether, when Luke S left the house, he wanted “The Bachelor” or “Katie and Peter.”

Luke S responded, after some thought, with “The Bachelor” because he wasn’t sure if him and Ashleigh would last outside the house. He also said it would be “more fun.”

The meeting ended and Luke S was allowed back into the house – interestingly he didn’t tell anyone about the meeting.

Big Brother then gathered housemates into the living room to tell them all exactly what had been going on. When it was announced that it was all a secret task, the housemates laughed at Luke S and although he smiled, he looked gutted at the same time.

It was also announced that Luke S had completed the task and the housemates were rewarded with sushi and champagne, as well as a viewing of Luke S’ calendar shots. The photos were greeted with many screams of laughter, whilst Luke S held his head in his hands.

Following the treat, Luke S went into the diary room to discuss the final conversation he had, had with the agent. He was worried it would be taken out of context and would hurt Ashleigh. He said that the outside world was a different environment and it might not work between them. However he finished the conversation saying he really liked her and didn’t care what others thought.

Do you think Luke S and Ashleigh are for real? Or is Luke S just thinking about the money?


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