Big Brother Wedding? Adam Kelly Proposes To Shievonne Robinson

Big Brother Wedding? Adam Kelly Proposes To Shievonne Robinson

If fans of Big Brother were hoping for a romance in the house this year, they got it in bucket loads after housemate Adam Kelly got down on one knee and proposed to fellow housemate Shievonne Robinson.

Making his pledge of love during Lydia Louisa's birthday celebrations, Adam told a shocked Shievonne: "You're not only my world, you're my girl.

"You complete me, you make me whole. I wanna see you in that dress and I wanna be down that aisle together. And I want you to bear my first child."

Not letting the shock of the other housemates stop him from telling Shievonne his true feelings, Adam continued: "Relax baby, relax. You know, will you marry me? You don't have to answer now. I know you're under pressure and there's a lot of people here we don't know."

Despite being in a  "state of confusion, shock, awkwardness like cringe and sadness", following Adam's proposal, Shievonne appeared to be in two minds, confessing: "I'm not happy with him at this moment so I can't say yes, because that's just stupid.

"We're gonna have to communicate. We're gonna have to do it, it's a bit awk. Even as a joke he knows I wanna get married and have kids. At this point do I say yes, do I say no?"

Berating Adam later on for making a joke out of marriage, Adam could be heard telling Shievonne: "You said no, I'm the butt of [the joke]."

Not happy with his answer, Shievonne retorted: "I never said the word no, everyone else filled in the gaps. Did I say no? Just don't do it if you know it's a little too close to home.

"You can't joke with someone's feelings like that and you know that they don't have that on the outside."

Well, well, do you think there will be a Big Brother wedding or are Adam and Shievonne better off apart?

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