Boris Johnson appears to call Jeremy Corbyn a 'big girl's blouse' in the House of Commons

·Data and Politics News Editor, Yahoo News UK

Boris Johnson is coming under fire for appearing to call Jeremy Corbyn a ‘big girl’s blouse’ during a turbulent Prime Minister’s Questions.

The Prime Minister was caught on camera apparently using the insult against the Mr Corbyn, saying: “Call an election, you great big girl’s blouse.”

The stormy debate also saw the Prime Minister brand Mr Corbyn a ‘chlorinated chicken’ and describe Labour’s plan for the economy as ‘sh*t or bust’.

Labour MP Emma Hardy criticised the PM on Twitter for his language during the exchange, accusing him of ‘bringing shame’ on Parliament.

Mr Johnson was accused of racism by Labour MP Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi over his column for the Daily Telegraph in which he compared Muslim women to letterboxes.

Mr Dhesi gestured around the Commons and asked: “Mr Speaker, if I decide to wear a turban, or you decide to wear a cross, or he decides to wear a kippah or a skull cap, or she decides to wear a hijab or burka, does that mean that it is open season for right honourable members of this House to make divisive and derogatory remarks about our appearance?

“For those of us who from a young age who have had to endure and face up to being called towel head or Taliban or coming from bongo-bongo land, we can appreciate full well the hurt and pain felt by already vulnerable Muslim women when they are described as looking like ‘bank robbers’ and letter boxes’.”

Mr Dhesi was met with an enthusiastic round of applause from MPs in the chamber.

Guto Bebb, one of 21 Conservative who had the whip removed on Tuesday, said: “I said before he was Prime Minister that I didn’t think he was fit for the office he was seeking, and now that he is Prime Minister, I still don’t think he is fit for that office.

“The casual manner in which Mr Johnson has been willing to use dog-whistle politics in some of his Telegraph columns is frankly unworthy of somebody in the highest office in the land.”

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