Britain's Got Talent 2013: Attraction and Jordan O'Keefe take last places in the final


Tonight’s semi-final ofBritain’s Got Talent saw some fierce competition from the remaining acts, but it was shadow dancers Attraction and guitar playing heart-throb Jordan O’Keefe who will perform again in the final.

Attraction took the absolute top spot, earning themselves a place straight into the final, leaving Jordan and ventriloquist Steve Hewlett hoping for the judges’ vote. David was first up and said he was going to support comedians and voted for Steve. Alesha opted for Jordan whilst Amanda went with her heart and also voted for Steve. Simon was last to vote and voted to save Jordan, which sent the decision to the public vote.

And it was guitarist Jordan O’Keefe who took the final spot in next week’s grand finale.

Of course prior to the results drama, we had the main show, where 9 acts battled it out for a place in Saturday’s final. First up we had the CEO dancers, three girls who shook their behinds to Run The World by Beyonce – and they shook it so well that Queen B herself would have been proud. Following the performance David Walliams admitted that girls really do run the world, whilst Alesha Dixon and Simon Cowell both proclaimed the act was the best show opener of the week. Amanda Holden commented on the girls’ booty-shaking action, saying it was the best of the week – apart from J.Lo of course!

Next up was Aliki Chrysochou, who has struggled through life after falling seriously ill and losing her ability to walk and talk and going through a lengthy recovery. However tonight she showed no struggle in delivering a beautiful performance of Come What May, best known from the musical Moulin Rouge. The singer bore a slight resemblance to Katherine Jenkins, not just in stunning voice but also in beautiful looks, as she donned a long white dress and curled blonde hair. All 4 judges were impressed by the rendition with Alesha describing her as an “angel” and David saying she was a “star.” Simon commented on how “stunning and humble” the blonde singer was and Amanda hoped it was the beginning of something for her.

Following the sombre and sobering performance from Aliki came the Glambassadors, who took the tempo up – quite a lot! The all male, slightly camp (alright very camp!) dance group strutted their stuff to a Christina Aguilera medley, much to the delight of David Walliams, who was grinning from ear to ear by the end of the performance. He said they were “really, really fantastic dancers and great entertainers,” with Alesha agreeing. Simon said they were much better than in their first audition and Amanda said they were “glamtastic.”

Comedy was next on the agenda with Steve Hewlett, the ventriloquist, and his doll Arthur Larger. Many of his jokes were aimed at the judges, particularly Amanda and Alesha who played along. He had the audience laughing but he really got them cheering when he produced a doll of Simon and proceeded to use it fro ventriloquism. Simon himself, admitted to being unnerved by the doll but said the act was much better than he thought it was going to be. David placed a bet with Simon, saying he thinks Steve will be in the final, whilst Amanda and Alesha both enjoyed the performance.

Britain's Got Talent 2013: Attraction and Jordan O'Keefe take last places in the final

(Photo: WENN/ITV) Simon enjoys seeing a doll of himself! 

Rob’s Duelling Pianos took to the stage next. You may remember this act as a duo of Rob and Craig, both playing the piano. However in the VT we saw that Craig had opted not to continue in the show and so Rob was left playing his pianos (yes multiple!) on his own. The mad act involved three pianos, storm troopers and airhostesses, as well as tracks ranging from Chariots of Fire to the Star Wars theme tune. Alesha and Simon buzzed during the performance with Alesha saying that the playing wasn’t that good and Simon saying he could see why Craig didn’t turn up, dubbing the performance “crazy”. However Amanda and David enjoyed it, with David noting it was “brave” of him to continue on his own.

And the madness seemed to continue as Maarty Broekman, a wanna-be 80s performer, who sung his own song “Step back in time,” accompanied by a gang of dancers, who he appeared to be quite distracted by. Alesha and Simon buzzed the act, as Simon questioned, “What the bloody hell was that?” and Alesha described him as “barking.” Amanda and David both proclaimed their love for entertainer and it seemed the audience were as split as the panel, with some boos heard coming from the audience.

Then the sanity levels came back down to earth with an uplifting performance from gospel choir Incognito, who sun “Happy Days,” wearing awesome, sparkly, purple blazers. Of course the vocals were amazing and the choir had great stage presence. Amanda described the performance as “joyful and brilliant” and Alesha said they “brought soul to BGT.” Simon said it almost made him want to be nice and David asked if they would play at his and Simon’s wedding – something Simon didn’t seem aware of!

Teenage girls (and older) around the country went mental as Jordan O’Keefe stepped on the stage, with his guitar. The Irish singer took on the Whitney Houston classic (though as Amanda pointed out, it was originally sung by Dolly Parton) I Will Always Love You. However he turned it upside down and changed it so much, it took us awhile to work out what song he was singing! Simon pointed out this was a massive risk but came to the conclusion that it was a “really brilliant thing to do” and could mean Jordan is in the final. David noted that there was something really special about you and Alesha told Jordan that girls are going to love him. We agree – there is definitely a touch of Bieber around him, O'Keefe fever anyone?

And closing the show was Attraction, a shadow-based dance group, who told the story of soldier in the auditions and brought Amanda to tears. And they did it again tonight with both Alesha and Amanda sobbing at the moving performance. This time the dance group told the story of love, a mother’s love and a romantic love. David described the performance as “stunning” whilst Alesha spoke through tears to say “game-over”, implying she thought they were the winners. Simon said he was honoured that the Hungarian dance group had chosen the show to display their talent, whilst Amanda commented on how emotional the piece was.

And that was the final Britain’s Got Talent semi-final. Next Saturday will see the final with Attraction, Jordan O’Keefe, Francine Lewis, Asanda, The Luminites, Pre-school, Gabz, Jack Carroll, Richard and Adam and Arisxandra, battling for a place at the Royal Variety and £250,000. Oh and one wild card act will be brought back – phew!

Who will win? Who is your favourite?

Simon gets a cheeky kiss from Alesha and Amanda at the launch of this year's series


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