Brits who have cracked America

Samantha Robinson

Every British celeb wants to make it in America. Just think of the countless soap stars who have quit their high profile roles to chase that American dream. For most though, their dreams never quite become a reality. Can anybody else remember when Adele Silva quit the soap opera 'Emmerdale' to make it in LA, and after a few months was pictured working in a boutique as a sales assistant?

At the minute though, it seems that the US can't quite get enough of us Brits, with One Direction and The Wanted causing a frenzy across the pond. Look out Justin Bieber, our boys are getting ready to steal your crown!

But these aren't the first Brits who have managed to crack through that tough American market, so, let's take a look back at some of the other success stories from over the years!

1. Cat Deeley

Sandwiched between Ant and Dec on 'SMTV Live', watching 'Cat the Dog' became a Saturday morning ritual amongst all ages. When she finally tired of playing 'Wonky Donkey', she headed Stateside, and landed one of her biggest ever jobs as a co-host on the talent show 'So you Think you Can Dance'.

She has since continued to land high profile jobs in the US, including working as a presenter on 'American Idol', and she is currently rumoured to have landed the role of the lead host on Fox's new dating show 'The Choice', which is based around the successful format of the talent show, 'The Voice'.

2. Adele

Okay, this is going to come as a shock to you, but songstress Adele is also massive in America. *sarcastic shocked face*. Old news perhaps, but little did you realise that towards the beginning of her career although she was a tad famous in the UK, Adele-mania was in fact taking the US by storm. This year she even won six Grammy awards, surely we should have picked up on this first?!

3. Amy Winehouse

The late and great Amy Winehouse was also more than just a one hit wonder over the pond, her style was emulated by designers, and she even received Grammy award nominations. Her iconic album 'Back to Black' even re-entered the US billboard following her death.

4. Russell Brand

From his humble beginnings as a presenter on 'MTV UK' and 'Big Brother's Big Mouth', the stand-up comedian managed to wangle his way into presenting the American 'MTV Video Music Awards', where he also met his now former wife, pop star, Katy Perry, and somehow managed to become one of the biggest power couples. Well, for a short while anyway.

Now, minus a wife, and with several successful films under his belt, he's still big in America and is currently filming a TV show about drug addiction, which has also led him back to London in order to campaign in parliament.

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