Cameron Diaz at 40: Her biggest omg! moments

Rachael Hogg

Who would have thought Cameron Diaz turned 40 on August 30th? While many of Hollywood's top actors and actresses try their hardest to stop getting any older with lotions, potions and a few needles, Cameron Diaz apparently enjoys getting older - maybe that's the secret to staying young?

With a fitness book being released in the Autumn (so we can all try to look like Charlie's Angels), Miss Diaz shows no signs of slowing down after hitting the fabulous 4-0. Yahoo omg! takes a look at her top 10 omg! moments.


Before embarking on her massive film career, Cameron Diaz had a modelling contract with Elite Model Management, featuring on the cover of Seventeen magazine and working with Levi's and Calvin Klein. Is there anything the girl can't do?

'The Mask' dance

Cameron Diaz's first big film role was at 22 as the sultry lounge singer, Tina Carlyle in the 1994 film, 'The Mask'. Most people can remember the pretty amazing dance scene at the Coco Bongo before The Mask leans in for a cheeky kiss. We're not sure we'd be wanting a smooch after being twirled around that much, or by someone with a green face.

'There's Something About Mary' - THAT 'hair-gel' scene

We're sure you all remember the infamous and very cringe scene in 'There's Something About Mary' from 1998, where Miss Diaz puts a blob of definitely-not-hair-gel in her hair... Why, oh why didn't she look in the mirror before she left the house?

'Being John Malkovich'

We're not used to seeing Cameron Diaz looking anything less than perfect, so it was a bit of a shock to see her looking almost unrecognisable, playing the frizzy-haired puppeteer's wife, Lotte Schwartz in 'Being John Malkovich'.

'Charlie's Angels' - Underwear dance

It still takes us a few hits on the snooze button and a litre of coffee to get us out of bed in the morning, so Cameron Diaz made us all jealous in 'Charlie's Angels' when she leapt out of bed in her underwear and did a serious amount of bum-shaking. Perhaps that's the secret to a successful early start.

Princess Fiona

Everybody's favourite female ogre/princess was played by Cameron Diaz across all four of the massive films and specials. 'Shrek' has gone on to be the highest-grossing animated franchise of all time.

'The Sweetest Thing': 'The Penis Song'

While watching romantic comedy 'The Sweetest Thing', did anyone expect Cameron Diaz, Selma Blair and Christina Applegate to burst into a restaurant-wide rendition of 'The Penis Song', complete with some interesting dance moves? We certainly didn't, but it still appeals to our immature side.

Dating Justin Timberlake

Although Justin Timberlake is now seriously loved up with Jessica Biel, he dated Cameron Diaz for three years between 2003 and 2006. The pair starred together in 'Bad Teacher' in 2011, but seemed fine working together and at the premiere, despite having to dry hump in the film.

The Oscars 2010

Miss Diaz is often found at the top of Best Dressed lists, but one of her best, if not the best fashion moments was at the 2010 Oscars. Cameron Diaz arrived in a floor-length pale-neutral Oscar de la Renta gown, adorned with jewels and gold shimmer. She looks absolutely gorgeous with her hair curled and neutral make-up except for a shock of red lipstick.

Graham Norton show with David Attenborough

Who would have thought Cameron Diaz and David Attenborough would make the perfect couple? On the last series of the Graham Norton Show, poor Kathy Burke (apparently the third guest!) was sat there looking like a third wheel while Attenborough and Diaz flirted on the sofa and discussed Cameron's dream of being a zoologist. No-one could tell who seemed more star-struck.

From modelling, to bum-shaking and flirting with David Attenborough, Happy 40th Birthday to the gorgeous Cameron Diaz. Have we missed any of your favourite Diaz moments?

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