Cameron Diaz: 'I'm Sleeping In The Guest Room'


Cameron Diaz may be an A lister, but her home life leaves a lot to be desired - apparently, her bedroom is a right state.

She told Elle Magazine: "My bedroom is gutted at the moment. I'm sleeping in the guest room."

Lucky Cameron explained that she has properties in New York and Beverly Hills.

"This past year, I've been in LA mostly redoing that property and making it really homey. Before that, it was just a disaster, boxes everywhere, nowhere for anyone to sit. And I really got to enjoy it this summer with family and friends.

"Half of it's done now. That part is really dialled in - we're sweet! That s*** is slammin'."

Sounds gorgeous, Cam. Fancy inviting us over? And when the bedroom is finished, will sexy co star Michael Fassbender be invited in?

admitted to Elle that she hadn't seen his manhood, but added "he does have a lot of confidence". What could she mean?

Saucy Cam will be hitting our screens in 'Gambit' on 21 November.

Check out Cameron's glam look at the 'Gambit' premiere here:

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