Cameron Diaz makes married people nervous

Cameron Diaz makes married people nervous

Cameron Diaz thinks her choice of lifestyle makes married people uncomfortable about their decisions.

The actress is convinced her single status makes others feel nervous as they question if they have made the right choices in their own lives.

The Other Woman star has explained that she feels like both men and women are uncomfortable, telling the Daily Mail, "I think some people want other people to make the same choices in life that they have made so that they can feel good about their own choice.

"I think that some married people have made the choice to get married, but when they see a person who is living a different way, it makes them stop and think, 'Wait a second - you mean you don't need to get married after all? You mean that I felt I had to get married, but you don't feel that you have to?'"

The former girlfriend of stars Justin Timberlake and Matt Dillon added, "And if they weren't too sure about their choice in the first place, that can make them very uncomfortable."

But even though Cameron is enjoying being single right now, don't be surprised if she still doesn't walk down the aisle at some point, as she is still very much up for love, and has realised the one thing she finds the most attractive in men is authenticity.