Celebrity Big Brother 2012: Going For A Gunge

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Tonight’s Celebrity Big Brother saw a task straight from a 90’s gameshow. It involved questions and gunge served with a Celebrity Big Brother twist of home truths.

In turn, housemates had to sit under a bucket of gunge. Big Brother then asked them a question about themselves and they had to predict how their fellow housemates would answer.

First up was Coleen and her question was “Is Coleen a gossip?” She said she thought others would say yes and the majority did, therefore she was not gunged.

Martin followed however didn’t fair so well. He was asked whether he was the alpha male in the house. He predicted the others would say yes when in fact they said no. The green gunge fell on his head and he only just missed getting a mouthful!

Samantha Brick was asked if she was beautiful and unsurprisingly she thought everyone would say yes – and they did, saving her from a gunging. Julie, Cheryl, Ashleigh and Julian also correctly predicted the answer to their questions and were not gunged.

But not all were so lucky.

The Situation faced the gunge when asked whether his name was ridiculous (he thought no and the others disagreed) and Prince Lorenzo was gunged for believing he was the most intelligent.

Harvey was asked whether he thought housemates would label him a love rat and he said yes (as most probably would given his romantic history). However the housemates voted no so he face the green gunge. Danica was gunged as she thought her fellow housemates would not deem her career immoral however they did – and she looked less than impressed.

However Rhian took the game very personally. She was asked whether she thought the housemates would name her most glamorous housemate and she said yes but the housemates voted no, meaning she was gunged.

Later in the episode Rhian was talking to The Situation and asked him why they didn’t say yes. He said that Rhian was flashier than Danica – something that Rhian wasn’t too happy with.

What do you think of this years housemates? How did you answer the questions?


Who is your favourite Celebrity Big Brother housemate this year? 

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