Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Ryan Moloney Left Upset Over Housemates Decision To Read Letters


Celebrity Big Brother has had it's fair share of arguments and drama, but this time Speidi were not even involved! Ryan Moloney was surprisingly the cause of last night's tension.

Ryan has been quite quiet in this series of Big Brother. However, last night he showed that he is strong, and will not be walked over by the other house mates. Although, instead of having a shouting match, like the other celebrities, he took a more mature angle and sat everyone down to tell them what he was thinking.

On Monday each celebrity had been sent a letter from home, and to receive this letter the house mates had to participate in a task. Naturally, Speidi refused. This meant that Claire was not able to receive her letter ,this led to all of the other house mates refusing to open their letters - besides Speidi who happily read their's without a second thought.

Last night, the girls won their letters after being victorious in a boys versus girls task (Razor was an honorary girl). First of all they wanted to refuse the letters, but emotions took over and they had to hear them. This left Rylan, Ryan and Frankie without a letter to hear. Incidentally, Ryan was not happy.

Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Ryan Moloney Left Upset Over Housemates Decision To Read Letters
Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Ryan Moloney Left Upset Over Housemates Decision To Read Letters

The Neighbours star was not happy that only half the house mates got to hear their letters from home (Photo: WENN)

He spoke to Big Brother about how "as soon as it was that the girls were gonna get their letter, it became okay.” However, he did not want to talk about the celebs behind their backs, so he told the house mates: "the team let itself down, and also let me down." He thought the team would refuse the letters, as they had done on the previous night. He explained that because he is "a really big team player" he did not like the fact that only half of them got to hear their letters.

He was offered the chance to talk about it to Big Brother but told the house mates: "I don't want to go in there and talk about you behind my back...that's not me."

Razor apologised for hearing his letter saying: "As soon as I heard Claire's my emotions took over...my heart took over my head." Ryan later forgave him, which led to them sharing a manly hug. Frankie also got a hug as he told Ryan: "I love you, pal."

All of the celebrities felt bad for accepting their letters, Tricia told Ryan: "I knew we'd upset you...we were a bit selfish I suppose." Ryan accepted all of their apologises and began to cheer up saying: "now we can get on with having fun."

Let's hope they will be okay for the last few days in the house - that's if Speidi doesn't start up another argument after being so quiet last night.

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