Celebrity Big Brother 2013: There’s Tears And Tantrums Galore As The Celebrities Are Tied Together For The Task

Celebrity Big Brother does cunning and mischief so well, and what’s more mischievous than tying the housemates together and watching the drama unfold. Very clever Big Bro, very clever!

As part of Big Brother’s ‘bonding task’ the housemates were tied together in pairs and left to cope struggling with their hands tied behind their backs. The pairs were Mario and Courtney, Carol and Lauren, Louie and Vicky and Abz and Charlotte. Whilst most couples coped- with Abz showing particular skill by flicking a utensil in the sink whilst being tied to Charlotte- some couples found it more difficult. Carol and Lauren for example took over 11 minutes to make a cup of tea only to spill it everywhere when they went to sit down!

However, a more pressing task involved nominations, and as the housemates where tied in pairs, they had to nominate as a pair. Mario and Courtney nominated Carol and Vicky, with Courtney stating that the latter had become “boisterous and obnoxious.” Carol and Lauren chose Louie and Mario, whilst Vicky and Louie opted to nominate Courtney and Carol. Finally Abz and Charlotte put Courtney and Carol up for the chop with them stating that they never knew which Courtney they were going to get and “there’s two sides to her.” When the results were announced, the housemates were shocked about the five housemates nominated, Carol even added that this was the first time that herself and Mario were up.

Courtney was one of five housemates nominated this week (Channel 5/ WENN)

Later in the day the housemates were given the daunting job of picking which housemates would receive a letter from home and whose would be shredded. The decisions were swift and merciless, and in the end the housemates receiving their letters were: Carol, Vicky, Mario and Abz. However, during a later discussion, it seemed that both Louie and Charlotte (who didn’t receive their letters) felt a bit disheartened and made reference to the fact that Courtney and (allegedly) Lauren had seen their loved ones whilst staying in the house.

This then lead to a dramatic and rather unexpected show-down between Charlotte and Vicky, with Charlotte branding the former Coronation Street star a “gremlin” for failing to listen to or understand her point. And whilst Louie tried to play peacemaker, Vicky retired to the garden and had a solo rant whilst smoking a cigarette whilst Charlotte chose to rant at Big Brother in the diary room. The Geordie Shore star blasted Vicky and stated that “I despise every single person!” Oh dear, looks like things are really kicking off in the house!

Best moment: Mario and Courtney’s flirtatious hand- touching. Mario’s previous insistence that he wasn’t interested in a “very married” Courtney seems to be failing as he indulged in some very sexy looking hand touching with the American reality star. Maybe he’s warming to her? Is there chemistry there? What would her husband say?

Random moment: Louie bursting into song and dance declaring that he has lost a day, okay... Bizarrely a usually mute Abz decided to join in as a backing singer prompting Louie to become even more dramatic and flamboyant- is that even possible?

Verdict: The housemates true colours are starting to show and we now see what they really think of each other- things could be really awkward from now on!

Which celebrity housemate is your favourite? (photos):

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