Celebrity Big Brother 2013: Things Get Tense As Speidi Move To The House And Rylan Admits He's 'F***ing Devastated'


It’s Day 2 in the Celebrity Big Brother household and already drama has been brewing between the contestants.

The nightmare continued for those in the basement as they had to endure their first nights sleep in the cold whilst the others slept in their cosy double beds upstairs. However, it wasn’t the temperature that kept those in the basement up all night, instead it was ex-model Paula Hamilton complaining that she had fallen ill.

After some severe moaning and writhing around, Paula was checkout out by a Doctor who ordered she be sent upstairs to join the rest of the housemates in the warmth. So not to wake the rest of her fellow roommates, she fell asleep on the couch with only her coat to keep her warm. This also acted as a disguise, however, as the next morning none of the housemates noticed she was there at all thanks to her camouflage coat!

Eventually rousing from her slumber, Rylan and Page Three model Lacey squealed as they clasped their eyes on a new housemate. The X Factor icon was delighted to see the actress and ex-model and declared it as the ‘funniest thing’ he’d seen!

Down in the basement, however, things were turning bitter as Spencer and Heidi (Speidi) told Big Brother that this was ‘the close thing to a nightmare’ they’d ever had and Spencer even admitted he ‘resented’ those above.


After discussing their rise to fame as reality stars and the ‘scripted’ TV show that made them famous, The Hills, Spencer admitted that he didn’t care he had been labelled a ‘villain’ to the entire world as long as the paychecks were rolling in. Heidi soon jumped in, hoping to squash the rumours of the pair playing a game, and declared their love as ‘real’.

Later on in the day, Rylan and Lacey discovered there was no hot water, meaning a task from Big Brother for someone down in the basement to clean the pipes in order for the housemates to get their hot water back. As the housemates chose Speidi, downstairs the duo adamantly declared there is no way they would participate.

“Have Frankie and Rylan take ice baths for all I care,” Spencer said, “If theres anything else I can prevent you from getting, I will do it.”

After they refuse and take a stand, Neighbours actor Ryan volunteers and successfully clears the pipes for the housemates.

Trying to twist things even more, Big Brother then decided it was time to spice things up a bit and asked the housemates in the house to nominate someone to go and live down in the basement. Champion jockey Frankie was the chosen candidate and after he had said goodbye to the warmth and luxuries he was sent packing down to the dooms and glooms of the basement.

Receiving a cold welcome from Speidi, who failed to acknowledge him until told to do so by Ryan, Frankie was asked to send a housemate upstairs to join the rest of the house. Although many agreed for Razer to go, Frankie decided to choose Speidi in order for them to settle their differences with the rest of the house.

As Heidi jumps around the house in glee and declares that ‘miracles do happen’, Spencer and Rylan cast evil glances each other’s way as things get tense. Rylan admitted to the others that he’s ‘f***king devastated’ by their arrival.

Speaking to Big Brother, he admitted that it ‘doesn’t feel like our house anymore’ and that ‘something’s not right’.

He added: “I don’t think they’re genuine... I don’t know whether to trust them yet.”

Do you think things will soon kick off between Speidi and Rylan? Or can they learn to play happy families?

What do you think?

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