Celebrity birthdays: 5 things you didn’t know about Brad Pitt

Eleanor Cains
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Celebrity birthdays: 5 things you didn’t know about Brad Pitt
Happy 50th Birthday Brad Pitt! Copyright [Rex]

Believe it or not, Brad Pitt turns 50 today. That's right, 50! Let's mark the occasion by delving in to unusual trivia about Mr Angelina Jolie, from his stripper past to his love of a certain British soap.

1. Strippers changed Brad's life

Before making it big as an actor Brad worked a variety of jobs, including dressing as a chicken for El Pollo Loco restaurant chain, but it was his role as a chauffeur to strippers that was life changing.

He told Newsweek he would drive them to their gigs, collect the money, play the music and catch their clothes, which he admits "got very depressing". However, one of them was in an acting class with famous coach Roy London, so Brad went along too and it set him on his path to stardom.

Brad added: "Strippers changed my life". Not many A-listers can say that, I imagine.

2. Brad loves a certain British soap opera

Back in 2003 when Brad was still with Jennifer Aniston, the couple were so into 'EastEnders' that they got involved in a campaign to bring the show back to US TV screens after BBC America dropped it.

They even penned a little message saying: "Bring it back!".

Fast-forward 10 years and Brad still loves watching the soap, as does Angelina. A source told The Sun the couple are so fascinated by Albert Square they're thinking of setting a movie in the East End.

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3. Brad goes to painful lengths for his roles

Plenty of actors adopt the Method approach, and Brad even learned how to fly-cast for 'A River Runs Through It', but his commitment to his craft took a massive leap when it came to 'Fight Club'.

The actor voluntarily went to the dentist to have pieces of his front teeth chipped out to be as convincing as possible for the role.

His publicist, Cindy Guagenti told EW Brad is willing to go to "great lengths" for his characters. Fortunately he went back to the dentist after filming wrapped to have his teeth restored.

4. Brad had an ironic injury on set

When you're playing the part of Achilles, you're going to be very aware of your Achilles tendon.

Brad became painfully aware of his while filming 'Troy', when he landed badly during a fight scene and injured said tendon. Oh the irony.

The director Wolfgang Petersen told the Sydney Morning Herald the moment was captured on film for all to see, as Brad grimaces when he lands, which was "great for the scene, terrible for the movie".

Poor Brad was hobbling around and they had to shoot the final combat scene months later.

5. Brad was a reject

Life hasn't all been success and acceptance for Brad. As a 14-year-old back in 1977, Brad failed to make the cut for his eighth grade basketball team. That didn't deter him, though.

His teammate told the Daily Mail that the five rejects created their own team, the Cherokee Rejects, which was coached by Brad's dad, Bill. They even got a trophy. Who's laughing now, hey Brad?

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