Celebrity birthdays: 5 things you didn’t know about Britney Spears

Eleanor Cains
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Celebrity birthdays: 5 things you didn’t know about Britney Spears
Happy birthday Britney Spears! Copyright: Britney Spears Twitter

Britney Spears turns 32 today, so what better time than now to discover little-known trivia about the singer, from her alternative career plans to the actress she wants to play her in a film.

1. Britney the restaurateur: take two

Way back when (2002 to be precise), Britney tried her hand at the food game, opening a restaurant called Nyla. There were reports it opened way over budget, and it closed soon after.

Britney had apparently planned to sell a "Justini" cocktail in honour of then-boyfriend Justin Timberlake, but the pair split before that dream could become a reality.

The singer is dipping her toe in the restaurant world again, though, with the Las Vegas Review-Journal confirming Britney will be co-owner of the new Meatball Spot in Planet Hollywood in Las Vegas.

Conveniently, it's right next door to the theatre where Britney will be performing her residency.

2. Britney has a role in mind for Natalie Portman

To promote her new album, 'Britney Jean', Brit Brit did an #AskBritneyJean Twitter Q&A with her fans.

The singer was asked who she would choose to play her as a character in a movie. Somewhat surprisingly, given the lack of any physical resemblance, Britney chose Natalie Portman.

I wonder what Natalie would make of that role…

3. Britney's had several aliases

I love finding out what wacky names celebs come up with when they want to travel incognito, and Britney doesn't disappoint. She's come up with a number of aliases over the years.

In the biography 'Britney: Inside the Dream', Steve Dennis revealed some of Brit's fake names, including Ms Alotta Warmheart (warm heart, geddit?), Mrs Diana Prince (a la Diana, Princess of Wales), Queen of the Fairy Dance and Mrs Abra Cadabra. Amazing.

4. Britney's got her own nightclub at home

While Britney might sing about going to "the club", the mother of two doesn't actually go clubbing. Well, she doesn't go clubbing in normal nightclubs, because she has one at home. Yes, really.

She told Popjustice she has her own mini club at her house where she plays a lot of music. It has a glitterball, lights, catering; "the whole setup". And a pretty exclusive guest list, one imagines.

5. Britney's alternative career plan

If Brit Brit wasn't singing and dancing her way to the bank, what would she be up to?

Well, in the same interview, she revealed that she'd probably be a teacher because she loves kids.

She thought about becoming a teacher when she was younger, as her mum was one. Her specialist subjects would be reading and history (her favourite historical period is the 1920s, FYI).

Just imagine having Britney as your teacher. The thought of that gives Britney's 'Baby One More Time' school-set video a whole different vibe.

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