Made In Chelsea: More Love Triangles, An Awkward Kiss, And A Dinner Party Bust Up!

Tonight's episode of Made In Chelsea brought plenty of drama as more love triangles took place, an awkward kiss was witnessed, and a delightful dinner party took a disastrous turn for the worst. As new girl Lucy causes a stir between Jamie and Andy, Sophia catches the attention of pals Proudlock and Francis causing a drift between the pair.

As Binky takes a break from Chelsea to mend her broken heart, Jamie couldn’t seem to care less as he was too busy chasing after new girl Lucy for a second date.

However, after Rosie decides to throw a black-tie dinner party for the socialites, self-confessed ‘player’ Lucy juggles invites to the event from both Jamie AND Andy. After telling Jamie that she’s busy, she instantly calls Andy and agrees to attend the posh event with him instead.

As Jamie attends the bash alone, Lucy turns up with her new date and adds fuel to the fire between Jamie and Andy. After an awkward kiss between Andy and Lucy in front of all the guests, it’s not long into Rosie’s beautiful dinner party before tempers flare and an argument kicks off between the two men.

Jumping to his pal’s side, Spencer proceeds to interrogate Andy on his ‘flavor of the week’, after noting Andy’s failed attempts with Louise and Sophia. Before long Lucy gets involved and asks: ‘Why is everyone all up in my grill?’ Much to the amusement of the rest of the dinner table, she appears to have not made too many friends as she is left fighting her own corner.

However, Cheska does intervene later on and tell Jamie that he did exactly the same to BFF Binky by ditching her for Lucy. She does seem to have a point there, Jamie...

Also in tonight’s episode, after a brief and failed fling with Andy, Sophia seems to rekindle an old flame with Francis as the two spend more time together. However, things take a dramatic turn for the worst as pal Proudlock also reveals his admiration for the brunette whilst the three dine out and are fuelled by Russian vodka.

After meeting Jamie and Proudlock for breakfast the next morning, Francis wants to find out where Proudlock stayed the night before and why he’s still wearing the same clothes. Proudlock reluctantly admits to his pal that he stayed the night with Sophia, to which Francis looks heartbroken and walks out on the pair.

Poor Francis!

Later on at the dinner party, Sophia and Proudlock just can’t keep away from each other leaving poor old Francis feeling incredibly uncomfortable. Deciding to take a breather from the tense atmosphere, he goes for some air outside where Sophia decides to follow and confront him on his awkward behaviour.

After admitting that he knows what happened the night before, Francis looks genuinely upset that Sophia may not recipricate his feelings. But all hope is not lost for the pair as the brunette admits that nothing is going on with Proudlock.

Could a romance be on the cards for Francis and Sophia? Or will Proudlock intervene again next week?

Find out next Monday on E4 at 10pm.

What did you think of tonight’s episode?

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