Cher Lloyd Explains Gritty New Music Video Sirens Is Based On Her Own Life

Cher Lloyd has revealed a different side to her pop persona as she speaks out about her gritty new song, Sirens. The music video, which was released in April, shows Cher crying and distraught as her fictional boyfriend is arrested in front of their child.

As distressing as that thought is, it appears that it is actually based on a real life experience. Yes, in a case of art imitating life, Cher told the Daily Telegraph in Sydney that she witnessed her father being arrested when she was just five-years-old.

She explained of making the emotional video: “It was all first take. The tears, everything.”

Cher gets personal in her latest music video (YouTube/Cherlloydvevo)

“I suppose I did take myself back but it's not difficult to be emotional when you have been in that situation.”

For some of Cher's fans, affectionately known as Brats, this may seem like a drastic change from her bubblegum pop hits like With Ur Love or Swagger Jagger.

Since her split from Simon Cowell's company, SyCo, Cher has been keen to try different things that had previously been barred.

Ms Lloyd at the Billboard Music Awards last weekend (WENN)

She explained: “They would try to send me into the studio saying ‘This song has been offered to Katy, it has been offered to Gaga but you have the opportunity to do it.’”

“I wasn’t going to just go for a song because people were screaming at me that it was a hit.”

Currently Cher is signed to LA Reid's record company, Epic Records. Sirens is the second single to be released from her fourth studio album, Sorry I'm Late.

The artwork for Cher's new album (Twitter/cherlloyd)

The artwork for the cover, like the gritty music video, has caused a bit of a stir given its provocative image of Cher in the bath smoking a cigarette.

Talking to the Daily Telegraph, she revealed: “I got into trouble for that. We took away the smoke for the clean version but even then people were looking at it and thought it was too explicit, maybe too much too soon. And maybe not the right look for a ‘bubblegum princess.’”

“People are naive to think I am a cute and innocent girl and that to succeed, you need to be that person.”

Check out Cher's latest single below:

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