Chris Brown’s Mother Defends Him After He Dresses As The Taliban For Halloween


Chris Brown can’t seem to escape controversy at the moment. First he is caught in the centre of a love triangle with model Kerrueche Chan and superstar singer Rihanna and now the singer has come under fire after dressing up as the Taliban for a Halloween party.

Chris, who posted a picture on Instagram, instantly received a flurry of criticism from the public. Fed up with the critique her son receives, Joyce took to her Twitter account to defend her son's actions.

The singers mum said: “Dressing as a member of the Taliban is no worse than a traditional devil costume many kids wear for the annual festivities. Halloween is for fun, nothing more than just fun. Get a life please.”

Not satisfied she tweeted again, “So does this mean when we dress our kids as Satan we are glorifying him or is it just out of fun? Keep smiling angel”.

Rihanna who is rumoured to be dating Chris later retweeted Joyce, who goes by the Twitter name @mombreezy.

The original image that was tweeted by Chris, shows him donning a fake beard and holding a machine gun above his head. The image was also accompanied by the caption, “Ain’t nobody fucking wit my clique!!!” which is a reference to the Kanye West and Jay Z song Clique.

                             Look at some of celeb-villes scariest outfits here:

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