Comic-Con Closes, And With That The Geeks Inherited The Earth

Opened by a frenzy over 'Twilight - Breaking Dawn', and closed by fans getting extremely emotional over Peter Jackson screening new footage from his ucoming Middle-Earth movie 'The Hobbit', it's fair to say that Comic-Con showed some people getting more excited than is strictly advisable over fictional characters.

Yet if anything Comic-Con has perhaps proved that the geeks really did inherit the Earth. Whether you were promoting a TV show featuring crystal meth dealing (Breaking Bad), or a book of 'mummy porn' featuring bad prose but two sexy protagonists ('Fifty Shades Of Grey'), San Diego was the place to be.

The fact that the biggest movie of the year was Marvel's 'The Avengers' and that Marvel Studios brought the house down with a star turn from Robert Downey Jr, and several huge announcements, again showed how comic books are well on their way to world domination.

Epitomising the spirit was the convention opener 'Twilight: Breaking Dawn - Part 2'. The fact that a series of books and films essentially targeted at angsty teens has made its stars some of the biggest in Hollywood shows the power of that audience, alongside shows like True Blood which indicate the potency of the once marginalised fantasy genre.

Gone are the days when the event was largely thought to consist of man-boys in sweaty Chewbacca costumes and live action versions of The Simpsons' Comic-Book Guy, no there were people of all ages (and sexes) there to pay homage to their particular favourite character, whether they were from 'The Lord Of The Rings' or Breaking Bad.

Perhaps it is fitting then that the extravaganza should finish in the week that sees 'The Dark Knight Rises' opening, a comic book based film that is tipped to become the first to win one of the big prizes at The Oscars, and confirm comics domination over popular culture.

Now it's all over, all we can say is wow, it looks like it was one hell of a long weekend, and bring on next year, by which time in all likelihood Comic-Con will have taken over Hollywood, the world, and quite possibly the universe.

PHOTOS: The 'Twilight' stars at Comic-Con.

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