Dancing on Ice 2014: why Todd Carty is out of place in the All Stars series

Lydia Starbuck
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Dancing on Ice 2014: why Todd Carty is out of place in the All Stars series
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Todd Carty channels Dave Myers for his first appearance on Dancing on Ice 2014

I loved Todd Carty on his first appearance on 'Dancing on Ice' but this time round I can't help feeling that the joke has worn a bit thin. If you didn't know that Todd Carty was in the All Stars series, you would have worked it out about two minutes into week two as Phillip Schofield mentioned it in every other sentence. By the time Todd actually skated I was willing him to be good just to stop the 'isn't Todd bad' quips coming. But he wasn't and they didn't. And I think his survival into week three could make this last series ever so slightly odd.

A long way behind the other celebs

Because Todd is so clearly so much worse than everyone else that there doesn't really seem to be any point in him being on the show other than to give the Ice Panel a chance to be mean to someone. Anyone who was remotely near Todd in the 'bad but we love them' category (Joe Pasquale and David Seaman, I mean you) is gone and he's now turning up every week to be terrible while everyone else gets top marks.

And that's why I think he's out of place. If this was an ice skating competition of two halves, with an equal number of good and bad stars, then it wouldn't be so strange to have Todd there. But while we all love a comedy turn, I really think his bad skating (he isn't any better than last time round) is going to seem strange in a field where everyone else is so good from the very beginning. I'm not sure that Todd struggling to stay upright while everyone else is fighting for the first full set of tens is going to keep us smiling all that long this time round.

Dave Myers tribute act

For his first return to the ice, Todd did a Dave Myers impersonation with frilly shirt and maracas straight out of that famous fruit trolley turn on Strictly 2013. But at least Dave went before the contest got serious. Todd's competition this week included Zaraah Abrahams who turned in some amazing lifts and series three champ, Suzanne Shaw, who put in a routine that was beyond fantastic and who must now be favourite for the title.

Last year's champion, Beth Tweddle, was stunningly good on the ice but was told by Jason Gardiner that she needed to up her performance level as she was in danger of being boring compared to everyone else. Except Jason then told just about everyone else they were dull. I don't think Beth needs to worry.

Love on ice

Especially as the extra interest of a bit of romance on ice doesn't seem to be winning any public love. David Seaman was skating with his fiancee Frankie Poultney but was first out after getting the lowest number of votes while series six champ, Sam Attwater, is partnered with his bride to be, Vicky Ogden, and found himself in the skate off.

Admittedly, both of them stumbled all over the place in their first skates (note to other celebs, dancing with your real life love can seriously damage your chances of winning) but it's interesting that the off the ice stories that could be vote winners aren't winning many votes.

Former runner up out - for the second week in a row

But Sam was seriously good in the skate off and easily danced rival Gary Lucy off the ice which I think is a shame as I loved Gary first time round and I really thought he might have a chance of grabbing this All Stars title. It's another shock exit - just like the departure of another past runner up, Jorgie Porter, last week.

But the shocks will keep coming and keep getting bigger as the standard this year is so high. Except for Todd. I hope he can prove me wrong and keep us all laughing as Dancing on Ice comes to an end. Otherwise, it's going to be a very strange series.

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