Daniel Craig: I'll Soon Be Too Old To Play James Bond

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Daniel Craig may look as robust as ever in new Bond movie 'Skyfall', but the star has admitted that he may be getting a bit old to play Bond for too much longer.

At 44, the actor certainly isn't as old as some previous Bonds Roger Moore and Sean Connery (in unofficial Bond 'Never Say Never Again') got, but he joked to the Metro that "at 44 and three quarters", he would soon be too old to play the suave secret agent.

The 'Skyfall' star is signed up for two more Bond films after the current movie, released on Friday, but said he'd quit as Bond if fans didn't think he was the man to play 007 any more, adding: "I will keep going as long as I can. I am contracted for two more and that seems like a fair few.

"But I am not going to outstay my welcome. Someone else will have to have the chance to have a crack at this."

His desire to keep going seems to lie with his love of the character, now in his 23rd cinematic outing, as he said: "I love playing it. It's an honour to play it. I really get a big kick out of doing it."

Yet he said that he wanted to make a new chapter in Bond history, saying: "I had an opportunity when they gave me Casino Royale to wipe the slate clean because they said we're beginning again."

The star gave his reasons for taking a different approach to Bond despite his love of the history of the character by saying:  "I'm a huge fan of what has gone before and I've always wanted those elements back in but I couldn't just do a movie and say 'I'll straighten the tie' and 'I'll do the martini' because it's all been done."

New movie 'Skyfall' certainly includes plenty of thrills, and it seemed that Craig was delighted with the movie, saying: "It had to happen in the right way and I feel like we've done that now by introducing new characters and old characters into this one we've got somewhere to go and for me as an actor that's exciting."

On his director Sam Mendes he said: "Sam has an abundance of energy and fortunately there is no bigger Bond fan. That’s what I really wanted from a director."

So while he claims he won't go on and on as 007, Daniel Craig certainly seems to be enjoying it while he can.

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