'The Dark Knight Rises' Shooter Thinks He's Acting In A Movie


The man behind 'The Dark Knight Rises' tragedy believes he is 'acting in a movie', reveal prison guards and inmates.

The world is still reeling from the atrocious midnight shooting at a screening of Christopher Nolan's new film 'The Dark Knight Rises', in which at least 12 people have been killed and 58 injured.

James Holmes, who refers to himself as The Joker, Batman's arch-nemesis, attacked cinema goers after planning his assault for weeks. And, according to prison guards and ex-inmates at the Arapahoe Detention Center, he shows absolutely no remorse for his actions.

Ex-prison inmates and guards have been quoted in the Daily Mail as saying that Holmes believes he is 'acting in a movie' and, as of yet, does not recognise the magnitude of his crimes.

"He was spitting at the door and spitting at the guards... He's spitting at everything. Dude was acting crazy."

"Let's just say he hasn't shown any remorse... He thinks he's acting in a movie."

Holmes has been placed on suicide watch and into solitary confinement ahead of his first court appearance tomorrow, although staff are confident that, if Holmes is placed into a cell with other inmates, he will most certainly be killed.

"All the inmates were talking about killing him... Everyone was looking for an opportunity. It's all they could talk about."

'The Dark Knight Rises' shooter faces the death penalty if he can be found mentally competent for his actions.

It has also been revealed that James Holmes, who painted his hair red and attacked cinema goers dressed in full black body armour, had wired his apartment up with deadly explosives and booby traps ahead of his crimes.

There are reports that Holmes' living room is riddled with sophisticated trip wires connected to bottles containing unknown liquid - bomb disposal experts have evacuated neighbours in five nearby buildings and, as yet, have only dismantled one explosive device.

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