Diana Vickers explains record label dispute

Diana Vickers explains record label dispute

Pop star Diana Vickers has finally cleared up the rumours behind her split from her record label.

The starlet, who shot to fame on The X Factor in 2008, scored a number one hit with her 2010 debut album Songs from the Tainted Cherry Tree, but despite her success she was dropped by RCA just a year later.

The blonde bombshell has now revealed her relationship with record label bosses broke down because they tried to rush her to release new music before she was ready.

She tells The Sun, "It got to a point where it just wasn't really working. I'd really grown out of the first album and I wanted to move on. Although the first album did really well and I'm really proud of it, I fell out of love with it quite quickly...

"I wanted to grow as an artist and when you're with a big label, there's always a rush to get things out and I wasn't comfortable with that. I didn't want to rush and put something out that I didn't believe in."

Diana admits leaving the label was frightening, but it worked out for the best as she is preparing to bounce back with a second album, Music To Make Boys Cry, which will be released in September on independent label So Recordings.

She adds, "I was really scared when I first left the label, but there's so much more freedom. It was a really good thing for me."

And we'll be first in line at the record store to pick up a copy - we expect good things from this girl!