Diana Vickers: 'The X Factor is too glitzy'

Diana Vickers: 'The X Factor is too glitzy'

Diana Vickers wowed us with her simple performances on The X Factor, but now the sultry singer has revealed she thinks the show has turned too glitzy.

We all rejoiced when Cheryl Cole picked the ditzy blonde for the live programmes back in 2008 and cheered her on as she made it to the top five with a series of understated performances.

However, Diana - whose pal Alexandra Burke went on to win the final of the series - is worried the show is too over the top compared to when she was competing.

The singer tells Digital Spy, "Sometimes I tune in and if I was being quite honest, I think it all got a bit too glitz and glamour... I think the great thing about when I was in it, was the fact it was a lot more organic.

"It wasn't showbizzy or celeby - it was about taking someone like me with not a lot going on and really just wanting to do music and giving me that chance to grow.

"Maybe it's got too much about the live audience and the comedy and the entertainment value."

Diana also suggested how she would improve falling viewing figures, adding: "I think maybe it would be better to strip it back, like it was before, be less showbizzy."

So, Mr. Cowell, what do you reckon to that?

The 21 year old reveals she would love to promote her new music on the programme, and is proud of the talent that has emerged in recent years.

She says, "I'd love to do that. I do think X Factor's a really great show. I think it's a great platform and I love watching it, I get so excited and seeing like Olly Murs and One Direction and everyone that came from it - those type of artists make me really proud to be from that show because it just shows how well it can go so if i got asked back to sing, I'd definitely say yes."

We're sure they can find a slot for you on the new series Diana!