One Direction Shocker! Harry Styles 'Caught In Bed With Mystery Girl'


Harry Styles has never been one to lack female attention and it seems his step-dad now knows this as well, as he once caught his son in bed with a girl. CRINGE!

Luckily for the pair, they were both wearing clothes as the 1D star's dad pulled the covers off of them both. Could have been a hell of a lot worse, couldn't it?

"It was in my room and my step-dad walked in," the curly-haired cutie told Heat magazine.

"He went, 'Have you got clothes on under there?' Then he walked over and whipped the covers off!"

"Luckily, we had clothes on," Harry continued. PHEW! "But there was someone down the side of the bed..."

"When you say someone," interrupted Louis, "how may people were in this bed?"

Harry brushed past that answer and continued telling the story; "My stepdad looks at her and out of nowhere I went, 'Did you find the remote?'"

So, er, what was she doing down the side of the bed? "Looking for the remote," claims Harry.

A likely story - especially seeing as everyone knows the remote is always down the back of the sofa. You aren't fooling us, Haz!

Meanwhile, let's hope that Harry's dad doesn't perform his usual 'walking in on his son with a lady' act ever again because next time, it could be the lovely Rita Ora!

The showbiz couple have been spotted out together a couple of times recently, sparking budding romance speculation.

Do you think Rita and Harry would make a cute couple? Let us know!

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