One Direction's Liam Payne Blasts Reality TV Shows: 'People Get Paid A Lot For Doing Nothing'


One Direction may have been formed on a reality TV show, but it seems like band member Liam Payne isn't exactly a fan of majority, saying that socialites who willingly go on reality shows 'get paid a lot', but 'don't actually do much'. Ouch!

We're constantly reading figures about how much exactly the 1D boys have earnt in their short but hectic time in the limelight and the figure currently ranges from £40million to a whopping £100million, but Liam has been quick to point out that the band aren't your average reality show contestants.

"I think of it like this: there are a lot of people who get paid a lot for doing not much at all - you know, like socialites who get paid for appearing in reality shows," Liam tells You magazine.

Adding, "But what we earn we earn for doing an awful lot. We are constantly working."

The singer goes on to say that early mornings, late nights and constantly travelling the world (it's a hard life!) IS tiring, but it's all worth it and the band member even goes on to compare the 1D boys to 'students'.

"In some ways we are like students in the way we live, except we work harder," says the 19 year old.

He continued, "Whenever I ring any of my mates at uni - around 2.00 in the afternoon because they never wake up before then - and ask what they are doing, they usually say: "Just hanging in halls playing FIFA."'

And Liam definitely seems to be going down the 'student behaviour' route, as it's recently been revealed that the star 'kissed four girls in one night' on a recent night out. Cheeky!

According to Sugarscape, a source said: “Two months ago, you couldn’t get Liam out of his flat. But now he’s going our more with mates. He was out in Mahiki recently and he was really confident, chatting to loads of girls."

"He even jumped into the photo booth to surprise some of them, shouting, ‘you’re all really fit!’ They demanded he make up for ruining their photo, and he happily obliged. He gave at least four girls a kiss.”

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