Doctor Who: Dinosaurs On A Spaceship


The second episode of the series sees Doctor Who battling to save a spaceship and its cargo from crashing into earth. Oh yeah, and the cargo includes dinosaurs!

Unless the doctor can do something, missiles will be fired at the ship to prevent its collision, whether the crew are on board or not. In order to help stop the spaceship crashing into Earth the Time Lord assembles a team containing big game hunter Riddell (Rupert Graves), Rory’s Dad Mark Williams, (Brian Williams), Queen Nefertiti (Riann Steele) and Amy Pond (Karen Gillan).

They get quite a surprise however when they discover that the cargo on board the spaceship is a herd of grumpy dinosaurs prompting the lines: “Dinosaurs! Run!”

Rory, Mr Williams and the Doctor immediately head to the control panel of the spaceship to try and alter the course of the ship. The control panel turns out be a beach as the ship is powered by tidal waves. As they dig to try and alter the course of the ship Rory’s father prompts some hilarious interactions claiming: “You’re not a man if you don’t carry a trowel around with you. Put it on your Christmas list.”

Before they get a chance to do anything else they are attacked by pterodactyls and chased into a cave. Here they meet the hilariously argumentative robots, surprisingly played by Mitchell and Webb. The robots are servants to Solomon, the current captain of the spaceship. The Robots lead the Doctor to Solomon who is lying deeply wounded. Solomon describes how he got the ship: he’s a trader hunting down expensive things to sell.

When Solomon broke down in space on his smaller ship he requested help from the lizards who originally controlled the cargo ship. Seeing the valuable cargo on board Solomon took the ship. As hard as Solomon tried to control the ship, he couldn’t because he did not realise that the ship needs DNA relations to control it. Noting a malfunction the ship’s homing mechanism automatically destined it to return to earth prompting a full impact collision.

At this moment in time a missile is on course to destroy the ship and all who are on board having been sent by Indira back on earth. They are running out of time. Fast. Dr Who makes note that he needs two people with the same DNA to alter the course of the ship. And hey presto, which family pair are on board? The Williams father and son combo are set in position to drive the spaceship.

Meanwhile crafty Solomon, ever the trader, tries to take the most valuable thing on board the ship, Queen Nefertiti. Solomon tries to escape on his original smaller ship with the Queen but the Doctor magnetises the little ship to the big ship so he is stuck fast.

The Doctor redirects the big ship away from earth and places the missile target on to the little ship. After rescuing the Queen from Solomon’s clutches the Doctor de-magnetises Solomon’s ship from theirs. Solomon is killed on impact with the missile as we see his ship blown up.


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