Doctor Who's Matt Smith Praises Ben Browder 'He Makes A Good Cowboy'


Browder, better known for his roles in Stargate SG-1 and Farscape has landed a role in a western themed episode of the latest Doctor Who series.

Speaking to Entertainment Weekly, Matt Smith bigged up his co star, saying: "He's great in it. He brings that sort of American naturalism which we Brits just don't have, however hard we try.

"He makes a good cowboy. He has that great drawl. And the wonderful Adrian Scarborough (The King's Speech) is in that [too], he just steals the whole episode. He's fantastic."

Browder's episode which has been given the title, 'A Town Called Mercy' is expected to air as the third episode when the seventh series of the show returns to our screens.

Smith seemed excited about some of the filming locations used in the new series, saying: "We went out and shot in Almeria in Spain, where they shot The Good, the Bad and the Ugly, A Fistful of Dollars - all the Sergio Leone stuff

"You know, we've done Utah, we've done a great big Western, we've done New York. I think it's very exciting to see just where else it can go."

Likening the new series to big Hollywood features, Smith added: "We've got dinosaurs on a spaceship. We've got a Western episode. We've got New York and Weeping Angels. And I think that's quite exciting. It's like going to the box office every week."

Doctor Who will return to our screens in August

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