'I Don't Have Beef With Anyone': Nicki Minaj Plays Down Lil Kim Feud


Nicki Minaj has been quick to play down rumours of a fall-out with rap compatriot Lil Kim by insisting she was one of he childhood idols.

The outlandish 30-year-old has previously been accused of throwing veiled shots at Kim, with Pink Friday: Roman Reloaded track 'Stupid Hoe' getting special attention from fans who believe its confrontational lyric is a direct reference to the '90's star - who often refers to herself as Queen Bee.

“B**ch talkin' she the queen when she looks like a lab rat,” she raps at the beginning of the song, which continues with the refrain: “Stupid hoe is my enemy, stupid hoe is so wack, stupid hoe should have befriended, then she could have probably come back.”

'I Don't Have Beef With Anyone': Nicki Minaj Plays Down Lil Kim Feud

No beef: Nicki insists she has no issues with Lil Kim (WENN)

Nicki has since dismissed claims that she has issues with 38-year-old Kim – who is currently back in the studio while she lays down tracks for her long-awaited fifth studio album.

“I don't have beef with anybody – let me just say that,” she told US radio station Hot 97. “Life is too short. Nothing is ever that serious.”

The rapper also listed Kim, Foxy Brown, Missy Elliot and Remy as the rappers she paid the most attention to while she was growing up in her native Queens, New York.

'I Don't Have Beef With Anyone': Nicki Minaj Plays Down Lil Kim Feud

Idol: Nicki was a Lil Kim fan while she was growing up in Queens, New York (WENN)

“It's no disrespect to any other female rappers, but those are the ones I felt like, 'Oh, OK – I could get into that,'” she explained. “They sounded like me when I spoke and I just thought they really made an impact.

“But I always loved Missy, cos she was playful. Missy and Left Eye (Lopez, the late TLC singer) weren't afraid to be goofy at times and I loved that as well.”

Her comments come despite Kim depicting herself with a sword next to a decapitated 'Nicki' on her Black Friday mixtape in 2011.

Kim's forthcoming album - her first since 2005 - is expected to drop later this year.

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