'I Don't Think That I Am': Kim Kardashian Expresses Concern Over Weight Loss After Birth


Kim Kardashian can seen worrying about losing weight after giving birth on the latest episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians.

With the scenes showing Kim at the start of her pregnancy, the reality TV beauty could be seen sharing her concern with sister Kourtney's partner, Scott Disick who had commented that she "may get thinner" once she gave birth.

Believing that it would be more difficult, Kim said: "I don't think that I am."

'I Don't Think That I Am': Kim Kardashian Expresses Concern Over Weight Loss After Birth

Kim revealed her spanx underwear on the latest episode of KUWTK (WENN)

The episode also saw Kim revealing her not-so-sexy underwear. Explaining the choice of undergarment for her changing body, Kim told Scott: "Relax, they're like bike shorts - they're like nude colored bike shorts."

Giving his opinion on Kim's new underwear, Scott added: "I get it - I just feel like your voluptuous pregnant body shouldn't be in bike shorts maybe around people. I mean there's a lot going on…"

Whilst Kimmy may have showed off her underwear, she also showed off her ample cleavage in a black top. A view that got a bit too uncomfortable for Scott who told the star: "Your boobs are getting a little big - there's a lot going on her for me to look at, it's very uncomfortable."

The episode also saw Scott providing a helping hand putting together baby equipment for Kim's impending arrival. Something that didn't impress Kourtney who complained that Scott wasn't so hands on when she was pregnant.

Commenting on Scott helping Kim, Kourtney told the cameras: "It's definitely odd that Scott won't lift a finger around the house but he's jumping up to help Kim with anything that she needs."

Having had a heart to heart with Kourtney about her feelings later in the show, Scott could be seen telling her: "The first time around I was there for you more than I was the second time - but I want to be able to try to make it up to you now. So whatever you need from me I am always here and always on board.

"I want to help you and make our lives smoother than it already is."

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